Team assistant

low-code platform for centralized business process management (BPM) that allows you to quickly and easily create, monitor and automate your processes without requiring extensive programming knowledge. With our intuitive and user-friendly tools, you can focus on your business while Team assistant takes care of your processes.

Thanks to the easy drag-and-drop operation of elements, you can create complex processes.

Low costs

We believe in accessibility for all, so we have focused on making our tools affordable, with low implementation and operational costs, and delivering high added value.

Connectivity to 3rd party softwares

Open web services allow easy connection to various external applications and systems.

Quick installation and implementation

Modification requests for predefined processes are implemented within a few weeks.

How does the platform work?

With Team assistant you get control over your business processes thanks to our modular tools. Simply choose from our wide range of predefined processes such as order, invoice or contract process, absence tracking, order management, data boxes and many more. Each module can be easily configured to your individual needs so you have exactly what you need.

Visibility in TAS is controlled by roles and can also be controlled by the company’s organizational structure. All the information you need is available to work operationally through a system of overviews that can be expanded and modified by the user.

Our low-code environment allows processes to be designed and modified quickly without complex programming. Just “drag and drop” elements and set simple rules to define the logic of your processes. All in real time, so you always know what your process looks like and how efficiently it works.

How do we deliver the processes?

Our team of consultants will help you deploy Team assistant in your organization. By listening to your needs and understanding your goals, we will design the ideal configuration and implementation plan. We’ll take care of integration with your existing systems and provide training and support to your staff so they are fully prepared to take full advantage of our tool.

What do you need?

It can be installed on-premise or in the cloud. Server prerequisites can be found here…

Forget unnecessary complexity and endless paperwork.

With Team Assistant, you get a solution that moves you forward. Contact us for more information.

Reports are available for both management and operations
Linking processes eliminates duplicate data entry
Unnecessary and repetitive tasks are automated
Paper documents are digitized and do not have to wander around the company
Deadline monitoring
Users are automatically assigned tasks according to the set workflow, the system communicates with them via email notifications