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for hotels

If you want to build great guest’s experience, you can´t be stuck with back office, searching for documents, approving contracts or finding lost invoices.

It doesn´t matter if your hotel is small, large or a hotel chain. We customize the workflow to fit your needs. Sure, there are some common processes suitable for the most hotels, but there are still some small details, that make you unique. We respect them and setup the workflow to fulfil all your requirements.

Let the work flow

It doesn´t matter you want to implement one of our flagship process templates or need to digitize and automate any other processes. We have helped dozens of companies to automate, digitize and improve their processes. We are ready to help. We will listen to youand propose the best solution for you. Over 10 years on the market works for you.

Purchase orders

Sure, you can still approve purchase orders via e-mails. But why not to enhance your overall procurement control and to enjoy the simplicity of modern tools? By setting financial limits the approval process can´t be bypassed. Connecting to the public registry of business entities will make it easier for you to check the supplier details and reduce errors.

Received invoices

Great, you have approved your purchase order in the Team assistant. What next? Let’s link received invoices to the purchase order. It doesn´t matter if it´s just one invoice, or you receive multiple invoices over time. Simply track your budget at any point in time and never lose the information who has approved the purchase order and how the invoice is being approved.


Trying to find an outdated contract in a dusty archive can be quite stressful. Especially when you are under time pressure, the archive is somewhere else and the evidence of all contracts is in Excel spreadsheet maintained by the assistant who is on vacation. On the other hand, finding a contract in an e-archive can be a breeze, even if you are on a business trip.And you will find not only the contract, but also the entire approval history.

Want even more? We can link your purchase orders to your contracts. Forget the need to regularly update an Excel spreadsheet to get more insight. The Team assistant can serve it to you automatically.

The icing on the cake

Do you want more? What about to implement digital signature? If you have prepared a draft of contract electronically, have approved it electronically, why you should print it and send to counterparty in paper envelope? Just shorten the whole process and use digital signature.

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