Purchase orders



Get control
over company costs

The evidence and process automation of purchase requests and purchase orders grants you the control over company costs. We have a pre-defined solution for you where the individual approval limits are set according to your needs.

Lists of your cost centers and suppliers are loaded. The solution saves time to your end users – they can copy previous purchase order and update relevant inputs. The purchase order can be automatically sent to the recipient.

While entering new supplier you can get the relevant supplier data from the central public registry using the company ID. This can decrease number of data entry mistakes.

Approval history and
possibility to link other processes

The history of approval stays at disposal. Every user permitted to work with the purchase order can also see complete history of chat among approvers.

Every purchase order has its own cover sheet with printing layout.

Purchase order can be related to a particular contract saved in the evidence of contracts. A single purchase order can also be linked to a multiple received invoices, while your budget spending will be still monitored.

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