Guaranteed electronic archive


electronic archive

Situations to be solved

Do you find yourself in situations where you need to prove that the content of an electronic document (eg contract, purchase order, acceptance protocol) has not been changed? Do you need to guarantee that the electronic document is signed by an authorized person?

Do you have requirements arising from legislation, such as eIDAS or the law on archiving? Do you need to ensure that an electronic document is perceived as a legally relevant carrier of information?

The right solution is a guaranteed electronic archive. In addition, by linking it with business process management, you get high added value.

Main features and functions

Provide any files (documents) manually or automatically with an electronic signature or stamp.

Fix documents with a time stamp, even automatically during the life cycle of the document, to ensure that the integrity of the content can be verified in accordance with legal regulations.

Verify and prove the validity or invalidity of the signature (for example, for court proceedings).

Aligned with business process management

Strengthen the credibility and integrity of the document in accordance with the law (audit trail). Keep documents archived for a longer period of time. Convert documents to a standardized archive format (eg PDF / A). Shred documents according to the set rules in accordance with the law. Define user permissions and control access to individual documents. Integrate the guaranteed electronic archive with other information systems.

Use Cases

  • archiving (e-invoices, tax documents, contracts, handover and acceptance protocols and further project documentation, warranty cards, and other documents),
  • signing documents with a recognized electronic signature,
  • ensuring the credibility and integrity of the content of the document,
  • disposal of documents with personal data according to GDPR conditions,
  • audit trails of documents handling,
  • control access to documents according to different authorization rules.

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