Contract formation from
concept to approval and archiving

The solution covers processes of contract creation, contract approval and contract evidence. During the preparation of the concept of a contract the user can choose colleagues for co-operation on the concept. Based on their comments the contract can be prepared step-by-step.

The approval process can be amended according to specific requirements of the company. The approval workflow is managed by an approval matrix. This is based on roles, organisational structure, financial limits and types of received invoices. The setting is up to you. After the contract is signed it is entered to the evidence of signed contracts.

and e-mail alerts

The amendments of signed contracts can be initiated, approved and stored with the master contract. All the amendments are listed in the case overview of the master contract.

A purchase order can be linked to a signed contract. And furthermore received invoices can be linked to those purchase orders or directly to a signed contract. Such relations are visible at the level of the contract.

The users can set individual e-mail notifications – this feature is often used to notify about the contract expiration date.

Team assistant focus here is to set the correct access rights due to high importance of contract visibility. There is highly important to set-up correct access rights.

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