Support process automation system for Tesco Franchise Stores ČR a.s.

The company Žabka is an established chain of food stores in the Czech Republic, especially in Prague and the Central Bohemia region. The goal and vision of the company is to provide customers with simple and convenient shopping, to offer the most possible assortment so that customer can always find what he needs and to ensure customers maximum satisfaction with Žabka stores and services.


The company's internal processes for dealing with the communication between the head office staff and the stores were mainly based via telephone and e-mail exchange of information in combination with web applications. However, this system became outdated and could not be adapted to dynamic changes in company. Management of a wide range of internal processes involving both franchisees at the stores and internal staff at the headquarter was inefficient, long and inconclusive. It was necessary to deploy a system for this area that would be universal and able to accommodate as many internal processes as possible also in the future for reasonable price.


november 2014
to january 2015


Team assistant system was implemented to automate internal processes. Entering requests for repairs in stores and recording how they were resolved became a pilot process within the application. The overall solution was to streamline the submission of repair requests and introduce better information for franchisees as to how their request is handled. The system was also supposed to automatically create a list of incidents for the internal technician, from which the technician could plan business trips more optimally.

The benefits of TAS in the „repair request process“ are:

Franchisees – easy procedure for entering a request; clear information on the status of the request; the ability to track the progress of the request; overview of historical requirements at the store.
Tesco Franchise Stores - clear assignment of tasks to affected users and managing deadlines, quick overview of all requests; set deadlines for approval by approvers (acceleration of the process); quick evaluation of requests from individual stores; the possibility of analyzing the workload of the internal technician; history of all fixes with duration.



team assistant

Since the application is very universal and processes can be defined on the client side by a trained employee, other processes are created in the application without the help of Neit Consulting. Currently, 9 pre-defined internal processes are created and used, and more are continuously added.

9 weeks

deployment length

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„We needed to make internal communication more efficient and precise in the company, we were looking for a flexible tool that would suit the majority of our specific processes and at the same time be user-friendly. The Team assistant application has set clear rules for communication between franchisees and headquarters. A big advantage of the application is also cost savings thanks to the simple creation of process templates by ourselves, without the help of consultants from Neit Consulting.“

Jiří Bohuslav
IT manager, Tesco Franchise Stores ČR a.s.

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