Approval processes
at Lighthouse Group

The Lighthouse Group has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2000. All projects were realized in Prague, which is a great challenge for Lighthouse. All plans in the capital strive to fulfill not only with humility and respect for the unique architecture of Prague created for centuries, but also with regard to the lifestyle of the present time. So far they have left their footprints especially in Prague 7 and Prague 9.

and requirements

In light of growth and development, Lighthouse has called for a comprehensive solution to support approval processes. With the growth of the company grew the volume of incoming documents and thus increased the probability of double payment of the invoice. Other requirements included budget monitoring in a total of 16 companies.


estimated time savings for processing


The first processes that were handled by the Team assistant application were Orders, Received Invoices and Payment Schedule. In addition to the approval matrix and individual roles in the workflow, Invoices and Orders also monitor team assistant budgets. If an order is issued, the drawing is reserved for the overview and in the case of linking the invoice to the order, the drawing is made from the budget.

Due to the company's activities Lighthouse solves a number of payments based on Payment Calendars. The Team assistant application was used to generate these recurring payments and approve them through workflow.

The exchange of documents between Team assistant and ERP Business was resolved using the ISDOC format.

Over time, we have helped solve a number of other processes - GDPR - security incidents and document familiarization, Facility - warranty and post-warranty repairs, Gift checks - reimbursement and approval.



added value

Team assistant helped with overall business acceleration. In addition to the initially required processes, thanks to its variability Team assistant also introduced order to other areas. The main benefits are employees' time saving, eliminating errors and, above all, saving money.



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