Purchase orders and invoices workflow for Daramis

Daramis is a private real estate and investment company that owns and manages several office buildings and 226-apartment residential project in Pilsen. The company was established in the Czech Republic in 2000, since then, they have been creating the permanent values based on the implementation of the high quality projects applying the innovative engineering and customer-oriented approach.


New requirements are being recognised for the comprehensive solution that supports the approval processes with regard to the growth and development of the dynamic development companies. The amount of the incoming documents is increasing as the business grows, therefore the probable risk of discovering the double invoice payments is getting higher. The budget monitoring feature is required as well.


estimated time savings during the processing of the incoming invoices


Team assistant application has been released for the area of approving the invoices and purchase orders. Team assistant also helps to manage the budget besides the taking care of the approval matrix and watching the different roles and workflow.

The agenda of the incoming invoices also covers the collection of the physical invoices with the support of sorting and scanning workspace and the collection of the electronic invoices. The incoming invoices (pdf) are automatically inserted to the system with the possibility to display the invoice from the web browser on the computer, tablet or cell phone. Thanks to that the risk of losing the invoices is significantly decreased during the processing across the company.

Also the processes related to GDPR have been delivered - Subject information request, Security incidents, Records of the personal information processing, Risks and corrective measures, Becoming familiar with the internal documents and providing the Approval of the employees. All together it creates one evidence with the possibility to archive and search the documents.


integration interface created within the project


Team assistant helps with the overall acceleration of the business. In addition to the processes described above and due to its variability it can also implement the rules in other areas as well. The main advantages are saving employees' time, eliminating the errors and cost savings.



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„The transition to TAS has significantly streamlined the process of recording, approving and archiving the orders and invoices and helped us to organise GDPR processes.“

Tibor Mikoczi
Finance Director

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