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in insurance company Aegon

Aegon has been operating on the Czech market since 2005 as a specialist in life insurance. It is part of a large multinational company with which it shares a fundamental mission - to help people take responsibility for their financial future.


With regard to the growth and development of the company, the CFO of the company called for the creation of a comprehensive solution for the support of administrative processes. Especially for received invoices it was necessary to set clear rules for their processing and to have an overview of the status of each invoice at any time. Using the existing Livelink document repository.


estimated time savings for processing

we provided

As an optimal solution to meet the needs and requirements of Aegon, we proposed the Team assistant application. It is a process management solution that provides end users with efficient process running, document management, and an overview
of the immediate state of each process.

We deployed Team assistant for the Received Invoices and Purchase Orders areas. Unified processing rules were set for these processes.

We have created an integration interface between the economic system and the Team assistant application. Important information about the processing of received invoices are automatically copied into the economic system.

We have created an integration interface between the existing LiveLink document repository and Team assistant. Instead of the existing physical circulation of paper documents, documents are scanned, stored in a single place in the Lifelink document repository, and the process of approving orders, invoices and contracts is done electronically via the Team assistant application.


number of integration interfaces created
in project framework

and added value

Each user has an overview of the processing stage of each received invoice.

The finance department has an immediate answer to the calling vendor if his invoice has been paid.

A clear delineation of the organizational structure and system of roles ensures that each task is carried out at the right time by the right solver. At the same time, individual users have access only to the documents and information to which they are authorized.



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“Team Assistant was acquired primarily to streamline the paper approval of invoices received. Previous complicated system was simply replaced by an automated solution that brought considerable savings in the operational capacity associated with this agenda.“

Katarína Dupláková
Financial Director

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